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Embeddable API Tooling

These are the open source management related tooling that I am tracking on as part of my research, and can be used as part of the API embeddable process.


Embeddable API code snippets for your website, blog or API documentation


Google Closure Library for Embedly


API for generating custom highchart images to be embedded in emails.

JQuery OEmbed All

JQuery OEmbed All is a fork (with a lot of changes) of the jquery-oembed, but instead of using oohembed or other such services it tries to embed the object natively without having to use some kind of local server. This project will happily use native oembed services when it can, however it also use other types of embedding whenever oembed is not possible.


The oEmbed Spec

If there is an "open source tool" that should be listed here, submit as a Github Issue, and I will consider adding.